“We enjoy working with Petr Fryba for our 24H SERIES, 24H TCE SERIES and 24H PROTO SERIES. He is a professional and passionate photographer
who understands the requirements of his customers. His pictures are very creative, colourful, sharp, full of action and emotions.
Petr is a very pleasant person and easy to communicate with. His pictures are making the difference.”

 Daphne Gengler, Creventic BV


“Team Altran Peugeot has been happily working with Petr since 2014 in all 24H SERIES races we do. Petr is simply the best photographer we know: hard-working, delivering beautiful and top-class racing photos with an artistic eye, and doing his best to meet his customers’ needs with a quick and convenient delivery, while keeping affordable prices. It’s a pleasure to work with Petr and he has our full trust. We definitely recommend any racing team looking for an experienced photographer to get in touch with him.”

Arnaud Tinet – Communications Manager, Team Altran Peugeot


“I do not know how Peter does it, but he is always able to capture the best and most interesting moments of racing weekends. You can feel the emotions from his pictures such as enthusiasm, euphoria and energy when everything goes well and sadness and disappointment when something fails. It’s incredible how his pictures draw you into action and you look at them as part of that moment. You live the race and the emotions around as if you were part of it. He is able to pull out and highlight the best from all of the subject what it has been hiding – colours, light, details, emotions .. I think he is one of the best photographer of the present time and I look forward to other beautiful pictures! From a professional perspective Petr is a great professional, he has done 100% work and works very well with him. And he is a person who I really like!“

Katerina Blahoutova, RTR projects a.s.


“Everything I do, I try to get to my limits of perfection, precision, design and speed. And if anyone can capture it with the same commitment, then it is Mr. photographer for me. Thank you Petr for the wonderful years of work, cooperation and captured memories.”

Jirka Navrátil, Spies Hecker


“Have you already got pictures from Frýba?”
“This is the first question on Monday morning after race weekend. Whole Scuderia Praha team is looking forward to his pictures, because Petr Frýba´s name is the quarantee of quality. He is able to capture different atmosphere of each racing weekend. And when you are looking at his pictures after several years, you are able to remember what you had felt at that time…
Thanks Petr!”

Karel Kusý, Scuderia Praha